12:41 AM


Japan through the looking glass. Geisha

2:01 AM

Thought you guys would enjoy this! It's lovely.


Nerdy Ninja as Anna Mae :)

12:40 AM

Holy Giant pictures Batman!
Anyway I just entered a makeup contest thought you turkeys might want to check it out! Enjoy!

KUntil next time... Remember to wash your belly buttons!


Just in time for Thanksgiving! WTF Turkey Cakes!

12:15 AM

Above is a picture of an actual turkey. I'm including this because after looking at these pictures I'm not sure how many people are familiar with the appearance of said animal.

This cake looks a little too real. Gross.

# 24
Gladly little guy, let's just put you back in this box.

I believe this is called Copy Right Infringement.

I realize the water mark says "cakes by Sam", but I SWEAR I had
nothing to do with this atrocity.

Yes, because the realness of the menacing turkey face
distracts you from the train wreck behind it.


Greasy? Glossy? Glistening? Candied? Fuck if I know.

If I'm not mistaken that's Fozzy Bear doing his best turkey impersonation.
Woka Woka!

I'm not sure the technical name for that red flappy thing, but what
I do know is, that it makes me want to vomit.

It looks like someone beat me to it.

One word...Testicles. You see it I know you do.


Uhm....good job?


Mmmm chocolate and feathers! YUM!


Cake by Helen Keller.

Rooster? Porcupine? Pride Float? Sure, why not.


At lest the shape is right...sorta.


Turd Turkey does NOT approve!


Now with C-section scar! Delicious!

See why I felt the need to show an actual turkey?
People have a VERY loose grasp on bird anatomy.


After seeing this cake I doubt Joe stuck around to see his 21st.


This regal turkey wanted to look his best before his was
killed, plucked and shoved with sage stuffing. Lovely.


This is what rabies looks like. DO NOT WANT!


In soviet Russia turkey eat you! RUUUUN!!!!




This looks slightly pornographic. Also it's early.


Holy shit.

Hope you guys enjoyed! Happy Turkey DAY!!!!


Zombies? Yes, Please.

6:28 PM

If and when the zombie apocalypse occurs other than Liam Neeson, Woody Harrelson would be my insane mother fucker of choice to help me fend of flesh eating little girls.

While I am an absolute fan of a good zombie movie, comedies in this genre usually fall short in one or more places. Such as Good ol' zombie gore. This movie does NOT disappoint on the guts and blood.
On a final note I'll leave you with an image straight out of my childhood nightmares. I'm not going to resize this I'm going to leave it in all it's giant clowny goodness.

Good luck sleeping tonight mother fucker.



1:45 PM

That is all.


Nail Art...LOL

10:21 PM

Ahh the Boosh Head.